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Gyrotrons and Gyroklysrons
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Modelling and Optimization Laboratory

The head of laboratory is Prof. Kurayev AlexanderAlexanderovich


Fax: (375-17) 231-09-14

Key words: Optimization, microwave, gyrotron,gyroton, gyroklystron, peniotron, TWT, relativistic microwave electronics, electromagneticwaves structure, microwave gun.

The main research field of the laboratory is computersimulation and optimization of electromagnetic nonlinear processes in microwave apparatusand electron devices. At present the following problems are studied most intensively:

Optimal control: development of variationally-iterational gradient methods of solving of problems of optimal control-  ACC-method (Approximation of Controls and using of Conjugated by Hamilton system of equations for analytic definition of the target function gradient), using ACC-method for solving of problems of optimal control of interaction processing between electron beams and electromagnetic fields;

Simulation of interaction processes:

development the equations of exitation of irregulal waveguide by non-rectilinear electron beams;

developments integrals of electron movement in electromagnetic fields: trauslation symmetry, azimuthal symmetry, rotating fields, travelling waves, rotating travelling waves;

development self-consistent three-dimensional non-linear equations for interaction of electrons and elecromagnetic fields with taking into account the forces of space-chages;

optimum process study in relativistic TWT-0 with slowing system in form of arbitrary irregular waveguide; gyro-TWT, gyrotrons, gyrotons, klystrons, peniotrons, lasers on the free electrons.

Computer Programs of optimization:

development programs of optimization profiles of irregular waveguide and distribution of the focusing field for TWT-0, gyro-TWT, gyrotrons, gyrotons, peniotrons;

development the calculating experiment methods for searching effective mechanisms of interaction processes between electron beams and electromagnetic fields with controlled structures.

Modelling and Optimization Laboratory will considerany offers on the optimum designs of powerful electronic devices of any type.


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